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Farewell to the Reverend Torbjørn Holt - 9 December 2019

By trollheimen, Feb 21 2020 12:21PM

The Rev. Torbjørn Holt at the Julegudstjeneste in Glasgow 9 December 2019.

He was treatd to lunch by members of his congregation to thank him for his work over many years.

Torbjørn, originally from Bergen, has been conducting Norwegian church services several times a year in Glasgow and Edinburgh since he arrived in Edinburgh in 1997 as chaplain to Norwegian students abroad. In 2005 he became Rector and Senior Chaplain Sjømannskirken in London. Torbjørn continued his visits to Scotland from London and his services with communion have been very special.

He has always had a good and interesting story to tell in his sermons and with a meaningful and thought-provoking message. He also played the piano to accompany the hymns. In conversation over coffee after the services he became our very good friend. We thank him for his support to us for 23 years and for bringing a little bit of Norway to Scotland with the “gudstjeneste”. This has meant a great deal and has been very much appreciated by the Norwegians living here.

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